Why I Walk Wednesday with Brookdale Virginia Beach

Why I Walk Wednesday_BrookdaleVB.jpg

At Brookdale Virginia Beach we all have different reasons why we support ALZ:

“I support the end to ALZ because it’s such a debilitating disease.  Supporting our residents with ALZ is very rewarding.” – Rebecca Foster, Business Office Coordinator

“Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease that affects not only the residents but the entire family.  I support ALZ to provide happiness to the residents affected and watch them smile when speaking of their memories.” – Missy Marshall, Health & Wellness Director

“I support the end to ALZ hoping to eliminate the fear and pain caused by the disease to those afflicted and their loved ones.” – Felicia Packer, Sales & Marketing Manager

“I support ALZ because it is not just a resident disease but a community disease.  The more we educate ourselves on the signs and steps of ALZ the more we will be prepared to face this disease head on and not from the shadows.” – Perry LaCore, Resident Care Coordinator

“I support the end to ALZ for a better outcome for everyone’s future.  Finding a cure would benefit those who are lost, confused, hurt, and/or angry throughout this process.  Finding a cure will give everyone involved a sense of hope and clearly understanding what is going on around them.  Finding a cure can continue to fulfill the lives we truly enjoy by doing things we never imagine doing.” – Lanice Baker, Clare Bridge Program Coordinator

Brookdale Virginia Beach – Clarebridge Forget Me Nots
Diamond National Team
Le’Anne Bailey Hayes, team captain


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The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research. http://alz.org/seva

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