Why I Walk Wednesday with Sarah Smith

Why I Walk Wednesday_Smith
This picture taken at 2007 team fundraiser and is of my then 8 year old son, Jacob Smith

Why I Walk
For me, 2016 marks ten years of volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association and specifically, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  I have witnessed lots of changes in those ten years.  When I first volunteered as a team captain, my grandmother had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for close to ten years.  I got involved with the Walk as a way to fight the disease that was stealing my beloved grandmother. Alzheimer’s ultimately took my grandmother from us completely and sadly, two more family members have also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

However, these same ten years have also brought many joys and successes. For example, I have witnessed my children learning the importance of volunteering and helping others in need.  I have felt the love and support of family and friends as we rally together against dementia, and I have seen the relief in the faces of caregivers when they learn they are not alone.

For me, the increased awareness of Alzheimer’s disease is one of the highlights of these past ten years.  Nationwide, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event has expanded by leaps and bounds and I could not be more proud!  Last but not least, in my ten years as a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, funding for research into the treatment or prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias has grown exponentially.

I Walk to End Alzheimer’s because I am hopeful for what the next ten years will bring!

Sarah Smith
Volunteer Chair, 2016 Western Tidewater Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Join Sarah at the Walk To End Alzheimer’s


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