Purple Classics: A Cause-Marketing Strategic Partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association



Naxos, the world’s leading classical music group, is joining the Alzheimer’s Association as a cause marketing strategic partner with the release of a new CD series, Purple Classics. The series will contain 10 recordings, each providing approximately 2 hours of classical music.

For every CD purchase or album download through June 23, 2017, Naxos will donate 50 cents to the Association, and for every album sold on iTunes or streamed on Apple Music, Naxos will donate $5.60, with a minimum donation of $25,000 to help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, and every 66 seconds someone develops the disease. It is the costliest disease and takes a physical and emotional toll on caregivers.

“The Alzheimer’s Association appreciates the support of Naxos through the sale of Purple Classics, with an estimated 5 million people living with the disease and more than 15 million caregivers, support for care, support and research programs are more critical than ever,” said Donna McCullough, chief development officer, Alzheimer’s Association.

Each recording in the Purple Classics series has been taken from the Naxos Records catalog which is one of the largest and deepest classical music catalogs in the world. The result makes Purple Classics the perfect foundation for a new classical music fan or for the seasoned listener.

Naxos of America CEO, Jeff Van Driel, stated,

“When creating Purple Classics, we wanted to use our vast catalog of classical recordings to help bring awareness to this incredibly important cause, make a difference in the research, care and support and help eventually find a cure. Naxos of America would like to thank the Alzheimer’s Association for the opportunity to join them as a strategic partner with the Purple Classics and to help end this devastating illness.”

Purple Classics includes the following titles:

Purple Classics presents The Classical Music Collection

Purple Classics presents The Baroque Collection

Purple Classics presents Quiet Time: The Music of Mozart

Purple Classics presents Timeless Piano Favorites

Purple Classics presents The String Quartet Collection

Purple Classics presents Elegant Dinner Music

Purple Classics presents Favorite Overtures

Purple Classics presents Chants for Meditation

Purple Classics presents Ballet Highlights

Purple Classics presents Unicorns & Castles: Medieval & Renaissance Music

Buy your favorite here



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