Why I Walk Wednesday with Katie Stanley


I’m walking to honor my Grandma Sidonio who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease in 2012. She was a real spitfire, though not quite five feet tall, and lifelong New York resident. She used to say, “I may be small, but I am mighty, and girrrrl can I eat!” Speaking of which, she made the world’s best gravy (Italian New York term for spaghetti sauce) and loved her kids and grand kids unconditionally, and with such fearless tenacity, and most of all when they didn’t love themselves.

Through a life full of challenges and tragedies, she was the brightest light in the room, the one who always knew what to say to put a smile on everyone’s face, and she never ever missed a birthday or Christmas with family. She was strong and sweet and beautiful from the inside out and I miss her every single day.

She taught me to never ever settle and always move forward. Now all I have left is the memory of her, and knowing she left us without memories of us is the saddest thing.

So, I am moving forward and walking in her memory and for her memory, and to defend and preserve the memories of so many others I have grown to know and love who suffer from this awful disease.

Katie Stanley
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Atlantic Shores Retirement Community


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