Why I Walk Wednesday with Erin Moran


I participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s® to honor my dad, Joseph F. Moran, who died on December 28, 2005, from Alzheimer’s.  My dad was a devout Catholic man who instilled in his 6 children, along with our Mom (Nancy), the meaning of faith, grace, honesty, and doing the right thing in our lives.

I walk to honor this peaceful, hardworking man who loved his family through good times and bad.  He was so devoted to our Mom and to each of his children in his own special way.  He had a great sense of humor and was quick witted.  His laugh was simple and his ethics paved the way we each live our lives today.  Our dad always wanted “peace and quiet” and lived a tranquil life.  He did not deserve this disease.

I walk to honor this veteran of the United States Air Force, who served in both the Vietnam and Korean wars.  He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel and went on to further his career in computer management.  He loved his country and his duty to make a safe world. Our dad was such a down to earth person and everyone he worked with grew to love his humor and gentle manner.

I walk to honor our dad who was an avid reader, loved crossword puzzles, ran, ate healthy, ensured his family was safe and warm.  He was an intelligent man and intellectual.  I walk because I don’t understand why this disease attacked him or our family.

I walk so Alzheimer’s research can continue to be acknowledged as a tragic disease and want this reality to be shared that this disease is slow decline to anonymity for families and all loved ones.  I walk for the caregivers who feel helpful and helpless at the same time.  I walk for more research development and awareness.

I walk for and with the MORAN CLAN, the ones who loved this great man and who miss him dearly every day.  His birthday is this week, April 23rd and, if not for this horrible disease, I know he would be alive today and continue to be proud of his wife, children, and our continued faith.

With Love and Heartfelt Memories, Erin Moran

Me and Dad
Me and Dad

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