Why I Walk – David Lamb

My name is David Lamb. I walk in memory of my Grandma Octavia Josephine Lamb who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and passed away from the disease back on January 26, 1998. I also walk in honor and memory of my great Grandma Ina Agnes Howard and my great Uncle Larry Howard, both of whom passed away from Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease took a significant toll on my Grandma, she went being able to remember everything, to labeling items that were placed around the house, to ultimately becoming a vegetable in bed in which she could no longer walk or talk. But as anyone who has dealt with a loved one that has Alzheimer’s, the disease just doesn’t affect one person, it affects many.

Upon my Grandma’s diagnosis my family took over the role of being her caretakers. We went from taking care of her ourselves, to having an at home nursing assistant care for her, to moving her to a family run nursing home, and to ultimately a 24 hour skilled nursing facility. There’s simply not enough words in the dictionary to describe the emotional and financial toll that my family endured.

Today, I volunteer with YAAA! (Young Adults for Alzheimer’s Awareness), to bring more awareness about the disease and its devastating impact and in hopes of one day that we can find a cure so that we can all see a world without Alzheimer’s.

~Dave Lamb

My Grandma Octavia Josephine Lamb and My Grandfather.
My Grandma Octavia Josephine Lamb and My Grandfather.

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The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research. http://alz.org/seva

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