Volunteer Spotlight: Theresa Davis

Theresa has a long history with the Association – over 25 years.  She was one of the Chapter’s first executive directors, advocating and providing support for those with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers during the infancy of Alzheimer’s awareness.  When she decided to pursue a different career path in the health profession, she continued toContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Theresa Davis”

Why I Walk Wednesday with Amelia Erickson

Earlier this year, my mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 52.
I don’t think I’ll ever again feel the feeling that I did when I received the news. Just a simple phone call and my body went numb. I felt like the Earth had dropped from beneath me. There was no way that it was true.

Why I Walk Wednesday with Alice Beaton

I walk for my Dad, Richard, who is also one of my best friends. He and I have always had a close relationship and enjoyed doing things together (i.e. woodworking classes, church outings, working in his shop, etc). He is 88 years old and was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 10 years ago. After his diagnosis, we still spent a lot of time together, as I was trying to make his life as normal as possible.

Thanks to The Longest Day participants

You did it! Thousands of teams raised millions to fight Alzheimer’s today. THANK YOU for your tireless efforts. As the sun sets on The Longest Day, we have hope for a world without Alzheimer’s! Here in no certain order our some of the people that participated in The Longest Day in Southeastern Virginia to help #ENDALZ

Why I Walk Wednesday with Lois Swersky Saunders

Lawrence Swersky, a brave and courageous WWII patriot, survived hand to hand combat in New Guinea.  He spent a year in a Army hospital healing from malaria and jungle rot.  He never complained,  even when the jungle rot (a parasite in the blood), a lifetime WWII souvenir attacked him every summer.  To him it wasContinue reading “Why I Walk Wednesday with Lois Swersky Saunders”

Why I Walk Wednesday with Mary Dziedziak

Why I Walk – Faith of My Mother I have always loved the song “Faith of our Fathers.” I have fond memories of my father singing this in his rich baritone voice and my mother playing it on the piano.  “Faith of our fathers, holy faith, We will be true to Thee till death.” ChildrenContinue reading “Why I Walk Wednesday with Mary Dziedziak”

Why I Walk- Tammy McCullough & Teresa Sanders

We walk for our grandmother, Georgia Green Johnson and for our dad, Eugene W Johnson, Jr. Our story starts back in the late ’90s when we lost our grandmother to this horrible illness. We can remember walking into the nursing home to visit. She would be so scared and in a fetal position because sheContinue reading “Why I Walk- Tammy McCullough & Teresa Sanders”

I Have Alzheimer’s website shows people with the disease they are not alone

In September, the Alzheimer’s Association launched I Have Alzheimer’s Disease, a new 23-page section of alz.org. This robust site offers information and tools to empower a growing group of individuals living in the early stage of Alzheimer’s or another dementia to live their best life for as long as possible. “The Association obtained input from peopleContinue reading “I Have Alzheimer’s website shows people with the disease they are not alone”