A Day for Caregivers

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A Day for Caregivers- Franklin

Thank you to all those who attended A Day for Caregivers in Hampton and Franklin this week! Over 100 attendees in Hampton and 50 attendees in Franklin engaged in conference sessions to gain practical skills they can apply in their caregiving roles. The conference started out with an overview of dementia presented in Hampton by Dr. Adel Aziz, MD, of Riverside Neurology Specialists, and in Franklin by Amanda Kubin, PA, Sentara Neurology Specialists. Mary Ann Toboz, Executive Director of Tidewater Arts Outreach, then presented a music and arts workshop to teach participants achievable methods for delivering a variety of arts experiences that can be adapted for home or group settings. She had everyone up and singing! The latest in Alzheimer’s disease research was then presented by Dr. Hamid Okhravi, MD, of Eastern Virginia Medical School. Lori Hasty, GCNS-BC, presented our final workshop of the day on Validation Therapy which focuses on empathy and provides a means for Alzheimer’s patients to communicate. During breaks, Dr. Paul Aravich, Eastern Virginia Medical School, provided a brain demonstration to attendees.

A Day for Caregivers Conference is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Camp Family Foundation, Franklin Southampton Charities, and the J.L. Camp Foundation.


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