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Need a last minute holiday gift?

14 Dec


Are you still looking for a great holiday gift? Here’s the perfect gift for the cook in your family or circle of friends.

Members of Sentara Center for Health and Fitness in Hampton submitted their favorite recipes to be featured in a 30th Anniversary Cookbook. The books are selling for $20.00 and proceeds will benefit our 2017 The Longest Day campaign.

The books are in, so call the Health and Fitness Center at 766-2658. The staff will let you know the best time to pick up your book. The Center’s address is 4001 Coliseum Drive, Hampton 23666.


Christine Warfel, Development Coordinator with the Alzheimer’s Association is pictured here seated beside Teresa Dorsey (L-R Back)  Jeanette Grase, and Marilyn Paul.


Four Tips for Telling Your Story

12 Dec

“My aunt was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I want to help…”

“My sorority sisters invited me to participate in this awesome event…”

“My dad loved music and I want to honor his memory by singing with friends all day…”

Everyone has a story about why they signed up for The Longest Day. Whatever your story is, SHARE IT! It will make a big difference when asking others to join your team and support your fundraising efforts.

Here are a few tips on creating a compelling fundraising page that you’ll be excited to share with friends and family.

  1. Start with why you’re participating and who you’re honoring.

Let people know about your personal connection to the cause – even if you don’t have an immediate one.

  1. Give the details about your team’s activity or activities.

Are you running all day? Climbing a mountain? Playing in a bridge tournament? Cooking all day? Baking? Reading? Let people know what to expect so they can decide how to best support you.

  1. Share where their money goes.

Donors like to be sure their gifts will be used in a fiscally responsible manner. Funds raised through The Longest Day advance the care, support, and research of the Alzheimer’s Association.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words, so add one!

Add a photo of yourself, your team, or the person you’re honoring to brighten your page.

To update your page: Log in to your Participant Center (check your email for your login info) and click on “My Page”. You can add a photo of yourself or the person you’re honoring, update the text on the page, and create a shortened link to your page to share with friends and family. Remember to save your work often!

Team Captains: You’ll have your own “personal page” as well as a “team page”. We recommend telling your story on your personal page, and use the team page to share a photo of your team or activity and an overview of what your team will be doing on The Longest Day.

Event Hosts: Tell your story, share your photo or that of the person you’re honoring, and share all the details about your event.

About The Longest Day

The Longest Day® is an event to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association®. Held annually around the date of the summer solstice, the duration of this sunrise-to-sunset event symbolizes the challenging journey of those living with the disease and their caregivers. Teams are encouraged to create their own experience as they fund raise and participate in an activity they love to honor someone facing the disease.

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